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Restrict Active Directory OUs that Citrix Cloud Connector can do queries/authenticating


Hello everyone,
Is there any place in Citrix Cloud Connector to restrict which OU at AD-domain the CC can find-out the user-objects to authenticate?
A company from a bank sector must explicitly this configuration according to its security requirements. They are asking it because they had monitored the CC and observed that the CC can query all OUs into its domain.
I know that the CC is domain-joined and can query all OU by default but if we could provide any configuration to restrict which OUs CC can touch will be great for this customer.

Thank you in advance!

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we have similiar requirement.

We want to make sure, not every user can login via this cloud service. (Even if this user can't access Any Applications/Desktops)


If there would be a way to block users like with the NetScaler (LDAP Groups or Radius Policys), this would be pretty helpfull.



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