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7.15 -> 1912 black screen during profile load / Director reports incorrect timings

Chris Gundry




We have had 7.15 CU5 for a long time and all good. Our login times are generally around 40-80 seconds, not amazing, but OK for us. We recently went to 1912 and have noticed 2 things.


Note I am using the same user/profile for all these tests, with the same VDA image, just 7.15 and 1912. This profile is not an empty profile, it is a realistic user profile, actually quite a heavy user profile. A blank user profile will be a fair bit quicker, but not a realistic test.


1. Director is reporting that logon times are now much reduced, 35-45 seconds. However, in reality, the time to desktop is pretty much the same on average as it was in 7.15, 60-80 seconds.

I don't understand why Director is reporting much less 'total time' on a 1912 VDA vs a 7.15 VDA, when the total login time is actually around the same...? I have attached a screenshot to try and be clear.



That is the same user/profile logging into both delivery groups, both with no other users/load on them, just the test user profile mentioned earlier.


In the screenshot it shows:

The 7.15 login total time was 63 seconds, this is correct ish, by my stopwatch timing it took around 60 seconds from clicking launch to hitting the desktop. I note it doesn't have any real significant profile load time, which seems like a bug, as that should be a fair chunk of the total time.



Adding up the blue bars in the screenshot above gives 35 seconds, not 63 seconds, although 63 seconds total is correct. If you add the 25 seconds profile load that shows in the 1912 part then you are pretty close to 60 seconds. So not sure why there is no real profile load time listed, but overall the 7.15 time is correct.



The 1912 total time is listed as 42 seconds, which is incorrect, the total login time to desktop was actually around 60 seconds, the same as the 7.15 time. Around 35 seconds into the login the screen goes blank and stays blank until the desktop loads. I have tested several times and this is the same each time. The blank screen appears when the logon process gets to 'preparing windows'.


I am guessing perhaps in 1912 Citrix changed how the session is determined to be 'ready', which event is picked up, or the event is logged earlier or something? But if that is the case then that isn't giving us an acurate picture anymore (although is seemingly now showing profile load time, which it hasn't before...).


2. The blank screen issue. Regardless of what Director is reporting, the overall logon time itself is the same, so that's fine. However, the blank screen is causing users to question what is happening, resulting in service calls being raised because "Citrix is taking ages to login and just showing a black screen". In reality the login time is basically the same, but.... users.... This did not happen in 7.15 so I am wondering why it is happening in 1912.


Does anyone have any info they can share as I am not finding a lot online.



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