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WorkSpace App SSO Through NetScaler

Ken Z


Hi everyone


I'm implementing SSO using Citrix Workspace App 2205 to an internal 1912 CU4 Farm.

I've configured the Workspace App using the "/EnableSSON" switch and GPOs to automatically configure connections to the Farm. Also internal and external Beacons are configured. Trusted Sites, Security Zones, etc, all set up correctly.

Now, internally, when a user logs onto a laptop connected to the internal network, the Workspace App starts up and populates the Desktop and Start Menu with the users icons, This takes between 2-5 seconds of the Workspace app appearing in the notification area, due to tweaked  registry settings such as  InitialRefreshMinMs, InitialRefreshMaxMs, etc). This is working beautifully.


Now, the users take the laptops home and want to have the same SSO experience at home, so I configured the environment so that SSO also works through their NetScaler ADC. The issue here is the delay of approx 3 minutes from logging on to their laptop, before SSO completes and populates the users Desktops with icons. The issue appears to be a long delay in determining whether the device is on the internal network or external network. The Workspace App spends at least 30 seconds trying to contact the internal beacon before giving up, and only then checks external beacons before determining it needs to login through the NetScaler.


Anyone else configured Workspace App SSO to work both internally (direct access) and externally (via NetScaler)? how long does it take for the Workspace App SSO to successfully log onto the farm via the NetScaler? Trying to get the Citrix icons to populate the desktop in under 20 seconds. I realise I won't get the 2-5 seconds I'm getting when the devices are internal.




Ken Z


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