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Command line VDA installation requires interactive session


I'm trying to upgrade many VDAs to 2203 with this command, run by the SYSTEM account through a task :


VDAServerSetup_2203.exe /quiet /components vda /disableexperiencemetrics /enable_hdx_ports /enable_hdx_udp_ports /enable_real_time_transport /enable_remote_assistance /enable_ss_ports /exclude "Machine Identity Service","Citrix Telemetry Service","Citrix Personalization for App-V - VDA","Citrix Supportability Tools","Citrix Files for Windows","Citrix Files for Outlook","User personalization layer","Citrix WEM Agent","Citrix MCS IODriver","Citrix VDA Upgrade Agent","Citrix Rendezvous V2" /logpath "\\networkshare\%COMPUTERNAME%" /remove_appdisk_ack /remove_pvd_ack /virtualmachine


It works but I have to login manually to each VDA for the setup to continue, until it's finally done. Can we make the setup continue itself after a reboot without an interactive session ?

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