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Citrix Netscaler (ADC) Adaptive Authentication (Restrict Devices Permitted to Logon)

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Looking for a method to restrict user logons via a Citrix Netscaler so that only certain devices may logon.  For example, user JOE has a laptop (BYOD) that he can use to logon to Citrix via a Netscaler to connect to his virtual desktop.  However, user JOE should not be able to use the home PC which the kids use and may contain malware or a public computer say at an Internet cafe.  How can you restrict what devices are permitted to logon?

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In most instances the device will not be Domain Joined.  Another example, is we're handing out Dell 5070 thin client devices so IT doesn't even need to support a Windows laptop and all the associated tasks that go along with it.  Our work from home users have very favorably been using thin clients, but now we want to lock things down so they can't connect unless it's an authorized device.

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Hi Tom,


You can still leverage EPA, but instead of a domain check you could maybe check for a certain registry entry or a file being present (which you push/preinstall (on)to the device). Of course the simpler the check, the easier it is to circumvent, so I'd suggest a combination of 2 or 3 items so it makes it a little harder for a user to 'spoof' it while still keeping it fairly easy for you to deploy.


Hope this helps.




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