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SSL VPN Gateway- Citrix Secure Access Client Just Opens Browser

Bashar Bader

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Been trying to configure a SSL VPN Gateway on my ADC, and the clientless access is working correctly. However, when trying to connect using "Citrix Secure Access", it just opens a browser and loads the login page of the gateway.


Am I missing some software, or some special configuration to enable access through the client?


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Hi Bashar,


I would check 2 things here:


1) Check the nsvpn.log file to verify whether authentication actually passed. You can also debug this live by issuing the 'cat /tmp/aaad.debug' command in the shell of the appliance.

2) Check the log files on the client side to see if there's an indication there why the connection is not being established. You can get those logs by opening the Citrix Gateway application, click the hamburger menu in the left-top corner to choose the 'Logging' category and there click the 'Collect Log files' button.


Feel free to post relevant pieces of these logs here and we'll see what we can do.

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I had similar experience, when user logs into Citrix Secure Access, it automatically opens the gateway URL in the default browser.

Fixed it by disabling the following option.

-Open Citrix Secure Access program

-Select menu -> Configuration

-Untick "open homepage automatically"


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