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Query regarding DownloadManger for Android to connect to internal network

Jyotheesh Asanapuram


We are making an app that uses tunneling to connect, requests with OkHttp or with UrlConnection are working fine as we can send and make requests


Source from Citrix Doc - https://developer.cloud.com/citrixworkspace/mobile-application-integration/android-native/docs/enabling-urlconnection-for-tunneling 


But when we are trying to use DownloadManager is not working and cant connect to the internet.

We cant find any documentation about using this component(DownloadManager) and its strange because its very generic


Could some one please guide if MAM- SDK supports component(DownloadManager) ? 

If this is not supported, kindly guide us what is the alternative method to use this function ?


Reason for us to use "DownloadManger" is to transfer the large data from source to Destination 


Code used : Android Studio with Java ; 


Error message : It could not connect to Internet 


Code will shared on request - Please connect me at - yakov.kobaivanov@sergata.com and tomer@headon.co.il 

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Thanks for taking the time to replay, it will be much more convenient if the component(android.app.DownloadManager) was supported, as it gives a lot of boilerplate code to download large files and handle connectivity states for download.

We managed to solve it by using UrlConnection to download large files.


Thanks again and have a great day

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