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Install new Server with NIC 25GB Card(NVIDIA MCX631432AN-ADAB ConnectX-6 Lx EN Adapter Card OCP3.0 25GbE Crypto Disabled ) will meet No Network Interfaces

liu tung


I install new Server use  NIC  25GB Card(NVDIA/MCX631432AN) will  meet No Network Interfaces


so I download https://network.nvidia.com/products/ethernet-drivers/linux/mlnx_en/  


install > chose>shell> save iso  to usb > shell>mount usb >mount iso >  complier ./install >

will meet  /usr/bin/perl:bad interpreter:No such file or directory



How do I install the driver for the network card so that I can successfully install it?


so I google found this https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX341731/driver-disk-for-mellanox-mlnxen-541030-for-citrix-hypervisor-82-ltsr

can't help me on install with NIC card

under this command not working

rmmod mlx5_core
rmmod mlx5_ib
rmmod auxiliary
rmmod mlxfw
rmmod mlx_compat


I use lspci will found NVDIA/MCX631432AN this card  in shell



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You may need to apply an updated driver disk as part of the installation process, see https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX257603/driver-versions-for-xenserver-and-citrix-hypervisor, in particular there is a new mlx driver -  5.4- We have actually seen exactly this issue internally with some new hardware that should in theory have been supported by the in-box not upgraded driver but which did not work until we added the updated driver.

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