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Host Harddrive Not Bootable After Moving to New PC

Samuel Abernathy


Product Name: Citrix Hypervisor LSTR Express Edition


Background: Catastrophic failure of host motherboard and/or power supply (Intel NUC7i5BNH). Replaced hardware with Intel NUC11PAHi7, installed the nvme harddrive that has the host installation and SR and the SATA drive that contains the VMs.


Issue: New hardware does not detect bootable drive.


Troubleshooting performed: Validated that the BIOS of new hardware can detect the both hard drives. Booted new hardware with live disk (Ubuntu and Kali) and validated both internal hard drives are mountable and readable.


Diagnostics: Host drive (nvme) partitions shown in screenshot.


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That was the plan until I realized that the installers don't work with modern tech. Intel no longer supports legacy (vs UEFI) boot, so I was stuck. The solution I ended up finding is to migrate to XCP-ng.  


I am leaving this up in hopes Citrix might develop a solution of their own, but for those who find themselves in the same predicament, here is your savior:



The project as a whole is great, but where this goes from useful to savior status is that the installer will migrate an existing Xen OR Citrix Hypervisor instances to XCP-ng. It preserves your VMs, SRs, and infrastructure. If you are already using XOA, it will continue to work the same and the XCP-ng center is a clone of the Xen Center with a branding change.


XCP-ng NUC Specific Installer


Check the XCP-ng forums for more detailed info, and if you are on a NUC 10/11, the installer I linked is the key because regular ones have a VGA bug that prevents the installation script from being usable.


Hope this helps others avoid the hours of forum searching that I went through to figure this out.


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