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The specified master vm snapshot could not be found - Error while creating machine catalog for the 1st time

Rohan Jain1709163463


I am setting up a test lab on Citrix. This is what I have done so far -


Setup Domain Controller(Server OS 2019) - Installed and configured AD DS, DHCP and DNS roles

Setup Delivery Controller(Server OS 2012 RS) - Installed all the Citrix components on the same server(Studio, Storefront, Director, Xencentre etc)

Setup Xenserver as Hypervisor

Have configured all the above 3 with static IPs and all of them are pinging.


On the Xencentre, I created connected the Xenserver and connected a SR for ISO and other files and named it XenServer01.


I created a base VM with Server 2012 R2 on the XenServer01 and installed Citrix Tools and Virtual Delivery Agent as well as some softwares(Winrar, Adobe reader) to prepare a master image.


Also, created a site on Citrix Studio with XenServer01. Have created a A-host entry on Domain Controller to resolve XenServer01 hostname.


Now the problem


I went on to create Machine Catalog for the first time using Machine Creation Service, selected the Base VM(on XenServer01) in the snapshot option, put no of VMS and their cpu/ram config and finally selected the OU created on domain controller and hit "Finish".


And got the error mentioned in the title.


All the above setup is done on VMware to simulate real life setup done on individual machines.



Xenserver - Citrix Hypervisor 8.2

Virtual desktop and apps version 7.6.9

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