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Session Recording Copy and Paste performance issues

Jeff Riechers


So I have started diving back into Session Recording and have found something interesting.  When I have event logging setup I have noticed that copy and pastes, and drag and drop in File Explorer just in the local network itself is slow, or doesn't even execute.  When I use machines that don't have session recording enabled I don't see this issues.


I know that process monitoring is being logged, has anyone else seen performance issues when that is enabled?  Am I missing something in my config?

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SR 2204 on 2203.


So right clicking and copy and pasting would not work even after doing it many times.  But when I did drag and drop it did work, but whoa are network transfers slow!  And accessing the exact same share from a linux machine and copying the same file it was lightning fast.


So in testing, took my test account out of group, copy and paste is all better.  So definitely something with the 2204 agent causing blocks and slowdowns.

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More testing
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