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Problem with login from subsidiary connected through VPN and bi-directional DomainTrust.

Lukas Petermann


Good day.

We have a subsidiary that we have connected completely through a VPN.
Here, everything necessary is allowed in terms of firewall technology and nothing is blocked.
There is also a bi-directional domain trust between the two companies.

Basically, the work of the other company works with the Citrix farm provided by us.
However, at what I would call peak times, we have massive problems that the users from the subsidiary cannot start a published app.
When I observe this in Citrix Studio, I see that these users are all in Pro-Logon status.
After several attempts in a time frame of 30-40 minutes, it works and runs all day without problems.

I also see a lot of event entries on the DeliveryControllers (2 of them) at peak times.
For example, Citrix Domain Services Event ID 103.
Unfortunately, I can't find anything about this event number.
The text of this event is "Failed to get user data to determine password expiry, error: RPCServerIsUnavailable from server DC02.####.local".

Followed by several events with the ID's 28, 4003, 0, 2, 3, 1.

Facts from the Citrix farm.
Citrix LTSR 1912.0.2000
MCS in use where 3 machines are deployed. (OS Build 17763.2928)

If there is any information missing, please ask.





Many thanks in advance.


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