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Why is Notepad.exe is starting with every published application?


In a new CVAD 2203 LTSR environment notepad.exe is launching hidden along side each published application. The apps are published from Windows Server 2019. These are new builds so it isn't an upgrade problem.


For instance, I publish Citrix Studio for the administrators. Below are the processes that become active.




When I close Studio the following processes stay active in the session holding the session on the server.




If I end the "notepad.exe" process the rest of the processes close and the session ends as it should when all applications are closed.


It's only causing an issue when the last published app is closed. The session does not end because notepad.exe is still open in the session. If I kill notepad.exe from Director for the session everything else works as it should and the session ends.


Any ideas on what could be happening? All help is appreciated!

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4 hours ago, Julien DESTOMBES1709158802 said:

Also check WEM autostart application. 


If Notepad is autostart by WEM you could add a filter condition to do this only on published desktop.

I found a ps1. file specified as a logon script. Problem was it was on the "Scripts" tab not the "Powershell Scripts" tab. I moved it to the Powershell tab and now everything is working as planned.

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