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Update target device software from 1912 CU5 to 2203 failed


We have upgraded our Citrix Provisioning Servers from 1912 CU5 to 2203 without any problems. Now we want to inplace update the target device Software in the Citrix Image, but it’s failing. The setup ist starting normally but when it almost finishes, it’s rolling back and the event logging is giving an 1602 error.


Product: Citrix Provisioning Target Device x64 2203.0.0  -- Installation operation failed.

Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Citrix Provisioning Target Device x64 2203.0.0. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Citrix Systems, Inc. Installation success or error status: 1602.


Does anybody have an idea?

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It seems that in-place update isn't supported. 

The PVSSetup.log contains:

Property(S): IDS_PREVENT_UPGRADE_EXIT = In preparation for the in-place upgrade of the Citrix Provisioning Target device software in the next release, you must manually uninstall the existing version before installing this version of Citrix Provisioning target device software.

--> Upgrading using VHD\VHDX boot works.


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We're having this exact issue trying to install PVS Target Device 1912 CU5.  We're on a Hard Disk at this point:


Pulled in this order: PVS Agent (reboot), VDA (reboot), XenTools (reboot)

Installed in this order: XenTools (reboot), VDA (reboot), PVS agent.


It fails with this exact error.  I'm not sure why it's failing.


It doesn't dump a log anywhere, where did you find the pvssetup.log?

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