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Bond status has changed - PVS/XenServer


Hello, we have an issue with PVS / XenServer, where the bond status within XenServer has changed. The network connection then goes down:


We have now found out that this is because the switch port has a port security setting that ensures that the port gets a shutdown of 10 minutes as soon as more than 50 MAC addresses are visible on that port.

We are also aware that the overnight reboot of the Citrix VDA (via PVS) creates additional MAC addresses for the Citrix VDA. Within PVS and within XenServer, the VMs all have a fixed IP address.

A packet capture on the XenServer shows that when a VDA reboots, there are indeed two MAC addresses visible on the IP address of the VDA.
(the packet capture is made on adapter ethernet 4 of the XenServer host with the command tcpdump -i eth4 -w /piftracefile_eth4_XAT01-01)

The VDA in this example has an IP (via DHCP reservation) of 10.x.3.60 and a fixed MAC address of 4A:03:71:5A:72:54 The VM has this MAC address in both PVS and in XenServer.

At the reboot of this VM we see in the capture that the MAC address 7A:4E:6D:85:CE:50 has been added to the IPO address 10.x.3.60
This MAC address is not configured anywhere nor is it known within the network. On a subsequent reboot, in addition to the well-known MAC address 4A:03:71:5A:72:54, another additional MAC address is visible. So for this VM it is not always 7A:4E:6D:85:CE:50 that is added, but then again it is another random address.


IP address 10.x.4.72 is the PVS server
IP address 3.x.x.86 seems to be something from Amazonws??



Who has seen this before and knows what caused that extra MAC-address?

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