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Change Service Startup Type in Platform Layer

Darryl Sakach


I am running LTSR 1912 MultiUser VDA on Server 2019. Built in App Layering 2202. I changed the CtxHdxWebSocketService to Automatic (Delayed) in the Platform Layer where the VDA is installed. This service is part of the VDA. When I publish a new vDisk and check the Service it is set back to the original Automatic, not Automatic (Delayed). Why is the change not persisting? Is something setting it back to Automatic? There are Citrix recommendations to set this service to Delayed if it is not starting consistently.

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I asked our engineers your question.  Here is their answer:


There is nothing special about that service so it should work exactly the same as any other service set in the platform layer.  For that matter changing that value is just a registry setting, and as such it should persist just like everything else in the product . 


I would start by trying to break it down to what app layering may do and what app layering has no control over.  


First thing to do would be to make a revision of the platform layer where the setting was done, and simply look to see if the setting persisted.  


If it didn't, stop there and open a case.  If it is set, then try to deploy the image but don't deploy it to the MCS or PVS connector.  Instead deploy it using the standard connector for the hypervisor and start up the machine there, and check the setting.  If it is set correctly there, then it is something outside of the control of application layering.  If it is not set there, then again open a case.

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