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One User not creating a user profile folder

Chris Bartram


We have been using citrix profiles via a GP for some time. No issues with anything, a user logs in, a folder is created, they log off, the required files are written back. they login again and settings are copied down.

they cycle is repeated and everyone is happy.


i have one user where this is not working. they were fine in the past, and in true end user fashion never reported the issue when it first happened.

i have tried everything i can think off, so there will be loads more:-)

checked every server for a local copy of profile, deleted it, and reg key with profile details

deleted old citrix profile folder, log user in, no folder is created.


create a profile folder for user, make sure they have rights, log user in, no files are written back.


have checked that when the user logs in the correct GP is applied, it is, and the correct user profile is listed.


i have given the user an active directory profile path to the citrix profile location, logged in and a profile is created.


User is a remote site user, profiles are all stored on a file server at HQ with the citrix servers. we did move the users shared area and home folder from a remote server to HQ a while back. all other users at this site are still fine, i dont think this is connected, but its the only change we have made.


any suggestions on how to troubleshoot, or does anyone know of a fix?

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Which profile solution are you using? If you are using Citrix UPM, please enable logging. 



I have had issues in the past where the user's primary group isn't set to Domain Users within AD, look at the users and go to the Member Of tab.


Check the Effective Access for that user on the root folder of the profile location.



Hope you find the solution. 

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