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Black screen after reconnect

Klaus Rörig




sometimes our users get a black screen after reconnecting to a publish desktop.


Our enviroment:

2x XenApp 2203 Director (Server 2019)
16x VDA Server (Server 2019) on XenHypervisor with PVS

Profilemanagent: FSLogix 2.9.8111.53415


We have days without any issues and then there a days where we have two to ten affected users. But not always the same users.


We have no idea where to look for any error messages and we cannot force it happen. If a user is affect there is no time to troubleshoot because we do not know when it happend. Most of the time, the user was active, then left for a couple of hours. In the meantime the session was either locked or if idle for more then four hours disconnect from the server. Now the user comes back again. Logs into Storefront, is redirect to his last session, and stucks on a black screen.


The only way to recover this is to log off the user via Studio or Director.


Any ideas?





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I've set both reg keys (via GPO), but this does not help. Users still get stuck at a black screen. Or do I have to set them in the master image?

Pressing CTR+ALT+DELETE does not work either.


Maybe I should open a case at Citrix. I could find some other threads with the same problem, but no solution.

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