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Citrix Workspace App OMA-URI entries for Intune for Bidirectional Content Redirection

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Hi at all, could someone help me to get the OMA-URI Keys for Bidirectional Content Redirection working?

I already imported both admx files and be able to set some simple settings like CEIP (Device) or NPS (User) but i get Bidirectional Content Redirection not working.

Does anyone know how to define the xml correctly?


Thanks a lot!


CEIP - working


<enabled/> <data id="Polciy_CEIP" value="0"/>


NPS - working


<enabled/> <data id="Policy_EnableNPS" value="1"/>


Bidirection Ciontent Redirection - not working


<enabled/> <data id="Part_BidirectionalContentRedirectionPubAppOrDesktopName" value="Microsoft Edge" /> <data id="Part_BidirectionalContentRedirectionPubNameType" value="0" /> <data id="Part_BidirectionalContentRedirectionVDAURLs" value="*.domain.com*" />

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So at last, i found the Error

 i also have to configure the Client urls - after i added the line to the xml the Setting is applied.


<data id="Policy_BidirectionalContentRedirection" value="1"/>
<data id="Part_BidirectionalContentRedirectionPubAppOrDesktopName" value="Microsoft Edge"/> 
<data id="Part_BidirectionalContentRedirectionPubNameType" value="0"/> 
<data id="Part_BidirectionalContentRedirectionVDAURLs" value="*.domain.com*"/>
<data id="Part_BidirectionalContentRedirectionClientURLs" value=""/>

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