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load balancing ICA Citrix gateway

Amin Eideh

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i have the following deployment, in which i have 2 appliances, the external one is BLX and internal one is VPX


as known, BLX doesn't have citrix gateway as a supported feature. and i need to publish CVAD environment to the external users.


so am planning to host the ICA gateway on the internal vpx and create a LB vserver  on the BLX to redirect external users to the VPX GATEWAY.


the reason why i dont loadbalance storefront directly is because we need 2fa and that feature needs gateway, correct me if am wrong.


did anyone try such a deployment before ?

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For external access you should always use Gateway, don't publish your StoreFront directly to the internet.


Regarding your question about using an LB on BLX in front of the Gateway on the VPX, I'm not sure that this will work due to the SSL offloading on the BLX with a 'normal' SSL LB, but it's worth a shot. If it doesn't, you might want to try with an SSLBRIDGE instead.


Regarding 2FA on load balancers, that is possible but would require at least an Advanced license since it would require an Authentication vServer. Again, don't do that though to publish SF externally, but for regular webapps that will work fine.


Hope this helps.






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