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Extending the Time-out for EPA


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Hi Chaidan,


I quickly checked the command reference but I don't think there's a configurable timeout here, so I'm going to guess you're out of luck on that end. Maybe you could add a second EPA policy in cascade that just executes the same action again and set the initial policy gotoPriorityExpression to NEXT so if it fails (e.g. due to the timeout) the action is tried again? Make sure you bind a nextFactor to the initial one though else you'd have EPA checks that succeed being tried again as well. Depending on why exactly your clients are reaching the timeout, this might not be a good solution though, but maybe it's worth trying.



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Hi Gunther,


Thank you for the reply.  I have thought about doing that but it seems overly complex to manage.  It seems to be my only option at this point. 


I am still waiting on Citrix Support for a reasonable solution as they had suggested there might be a way.  In the meanwhile, I will try a few different options including the one that you had mentioned.






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