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VPX network interfaces after Hyper-V Livemigration

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Hello all,


I have a 2 arm setup for my VPX's in a HA Failover configuration (NS13.1 12.51.nc) 


Basicly the VPX has 3 NIC's. 1 for the NSIP, 1 for SNIP internal and 1 for VIP/SNIP external.

The NSIP adapter was always configured with a static MAC in hyper-v to not lose the license when moving the VPX VM. The other to adapter have dynamic MAC.


Today I did a livemigration to one of our new hosts. On the older host we had for each vlan a specific adapter. The new host is using a new SET vmSwitch, so on the VPX VM I tagged every NIC Interface accordingly.


My Issue right now is, that (virtual) services are not functioning correctly. I found out, because for example the citrix Push service can't connect to citrix cloud. Also virtual servers like StoreFront loadbalancing do not respond to ping, even though everything seems working. 


Is it possible that the VPX has the old MAC addresses somewhere cached? Should I remove the interfaces completly and reconfigure? 

HA Sync works as well. IP routes also look good and I dont see something blocked on the firewall.


Any tipps would be appreciated.


Many thanks,




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I think I found the reason for the strange behaviour:  https://nerdscaler.com/2017/08/02/netscaler-services-flapping-hyper-v/ 


On the old hostserver the teaming was done via the broadcom driver, so windows had for each vlan/adapter a "real" adapter in the windows, which where then assigned to the VPX vm.

With the new "Switch embedded teaming"  the host choses the NIC by itself. 


I tried changing the loadbalancing algrithm to "Hyper-V Port" but it still didnt work. I think the next culprit is maybe MBF Mac based forwarding, but I can only test this, when both of our Nodes are migrated to the new hosts.


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