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shift keys not working for text selection

Frederik Berg



I'm using citrix workspace to access a Linux VM (Ubuntu) from a Linux PC (Fedora).
A Colleague is experiencing the same problem with a Mac PC (citrix workspace for mac) connecting to a similar Ubuntu VM.

Shift Keys are working, but any text selection using shift does simply not work.

Using xev to see if it sends the correct key presses
command used: xev -event keyboard | grep 'Left\|Right\|Shift\|Press\|Release' -o --color=never

pressing shift, citrix sends: Press Shift

pressing left, citrix sends: Release Shift, Press Left, Press Shift

releasing left, citrix sends: Release Shift, Release Left, Press Shift
releasing shift, citrix sends: Release Shift

when capslock is enabled  it does not send these extra shift release and press events,
depending on some settings regarding citrix handling capslock

I tried:
- setting a different input language (de, us)
- setting a different input language (us, us with altgr)
- using a different keyboard model (generic 104, generic 105, ...)
- rebooting
- using various search machines and search terms to find any solution
- changing keyboard layout in local and remote system
- using a different OS to access the VM
- using the local or the remote keymap
- disabling sticky keys on both systems

and also trying every remotely related setting in ~/.ICAClient/All_Regions.ini
section [Virtual Channels\Keyboard]
UseLocalIM=True and False

KeyboardLayout=US and the local and remote aliases

KeyboardSendLocale=False and True

UnicodeKeyboard=True and False

BalanceShiftKeys=True and False

EchoShiftKeys=False and True

BypassSetLED=True and False

ServerDoesMultiMod=True and False

TransparentKeyPassthrough=FullScreenOnly and True and False

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