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Deleted the ns.log file and now no logs are being showed

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Dear Community,


Due to the /var/ space being cosumed more than 80% we deleted the files in side the "/var/nslog" and "/var/log" now there is no loggin happening in the netscaler.  I followed this article in deleting the files https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/system/troubleshooting-citrix-adc/how-to-free-space-on-var-directory.html. How can i make the logs work again?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Manul,


In the /var/nslog folder, there is a file (I think it's also called ns.log) which details the status of the logging daemon. I'd check there first to see why logging isn't starting properly. Usually it's sufficient to just restart the daemon but I've also seen cases where I had to reboot the node to get things going again.




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You shouldn't delete the "current" log-files. 


/var/log/ns.log <- current logfile

/var/log/ns.log.0-99 <- historic logfiles which can be deleted


one hint: 99% of the time, "newnslog" are the files which are consuming the most space, so connect via SCP to NetScaler appliance and find /var/nslog/newnslog.0-99.tar.gz (you will also see if comparing file sizes to ns.log files for example, that these are much much bigger) - delete as much as needed and maybe keep the last 5 days of logging

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