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Size limit reached in the body of an HTTP request ?

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We have Citrix ADC in front of two InfluxDB http databases. One user has an InfluxQL query with a size of about 35k.  This query works fine if the request is made directly to the http port of a database, but we get "400 Bad Request" if we send the request through the Citrix ADC, which simply redirects the traffic to the same http port of the database.


Is there a configuration parameter that limits the body size that can be adjusted, or some hard limit?

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Hi Sean,


The size of the request doesn't seem to be anything the ADC should choke on. Without having some more details on the exact request it's hard to say, but my first guess would be to check if you can tweak some things with a custom HTTP profile. One thing that comes to mind here would e.g. be the header length, which is configurable through said profile.


You can find this feature in the GUI under System > Profiles > HTTP Profiles. Once created you can bind your custom profile to your LB vServer.


Hope this helps.




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