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After upgrade tot 2203 unable to conenct to virtual apps from storefront => Unable to connect to the server. Contact your system administrator with the following error: (no error text available)

Roel Niesen




I did an inplace upgrade to 2203 this week.

Multiple problems occured, but finaly I reduced to number of errors.


When sension reliability is enabled at storefront -> secure ticket authority, I'm not able to launch the published application.

When I disable this, it is working.


Port 2598 react when I telnet it remote to the vda-servers.


First I thought it was something with the netscaler, but it doesn't wok internaly to.


I don't see relevant errors on the delviery controller or on de VDA.


Can someone point me to the right track?





Image 37.jpg

Image 36.jpg

Image 35.jpg

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