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For upgrading 13.0 to 13.1 how do you identify policies which might need to become "advanced expression"

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I understand that in 13.1 only Advanced policies works . So any classic policies or classic expressions have to be converted in 13.0 first to advanced expression

and then then you will able to update to 13. How would I go about identifying all the policies that could be affected by this change and then how would I 

upgrade the policies? 

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Hi Michael, 


You could do this in CLI by running something like 'show runningConfig | grep - i policy' or download the ns.conf file (save it first on the ADC) and search for 'policy' (case insensitive!) in your favorite editor to verify each policy is using an advanced expression. 


Also, if I'm not mistaken classic policies still work in 13.1, but don't quote me on that and anyway it's a good idea to convert them. 


Hope this helps. 




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