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HTML receiver not working after update to 1912 CU5

Chris Gundry


Hi all

We updated from 7.15 CU8 to 1912 CU5 yesterday and since then we are unable to use the HTML receiver. You click an app, it hangs for a second, then we get 'Connecting...This may take a few moments' and it stays like that forever.


We do NOT see this in our TEST environment, which was updated a few weeks ago. The only difference I know of between the environments is that production NSG is configured as a UG, where TEST is just a standard NSGW. But the UG has been in place for ages and worked fine in 7.15...

I have checked DDC and SF logs, I can't see anything at all. Director just gives 'Connection timeout'.



I have opened a support case as well, but any assistance appreciated!



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I have found something, although not sure on the cause or anything yet, but someone might be able to help?


When someone launches a HTML session in our TEST system which is working they get this:



When someone does the same in the production system where HTML is not working they get this:


The bold section is additional and I am not sure if it is supposed to be there, or where it is coming from etc. These are all launched via NetScaler, so I assume it is being added somehow in there, but I don't know why it would be different/failing in 1912 vs 7.15...?

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12 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

I'm guessing you have Clientless VPN enabled in one of your Session Policies/Profiles.

The main man Carl has arrived, praise be! Hi! Thanks for all your awesome guides and posts on everything Citrix related.


Forgive me, I am far from a NetScaler guru. That would be Client Experience>Clientless Access right? If so then yes, we have that enabled in all the policies/profiles as we don't require users to install the gateway plugin. But that setting has always been in place in our config...?

If we disable that option then when you login to the web interface you get prompted to download the gateway plugin, which is no good.


We also have Advanced Clientless VPN mode = Disabled - Not sure what that one does though.


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24 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

ICA Proxy enabled plus a Web Interface address (usually StoreFront) overrides the VPN options.


Thanks Carl.



This config has not been changed in many months, so unsure why it would be an issue suddenly. However, you have made me re-check everything between the TEST and PROD systems and I identified a discrepency in the ICA proxy and clientless VPN settings. I adjusted PROD to match TEST and it is now working once more!


I really don't understand why this is only an issue today, after we upgraded infra components from 7.15 to 1912. The VDA image itself isn't even updated to 1912 yet. Any insight into why that might be?

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