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FileMaker 19 app published on XenApp doesn't display running program icon in taskbar on Workspace client


We have a XenApp 7.9 environment with FileMaker Pro 19 for Windows as a published app. When FileMaker launches it has a Quick Start screen to create new or open favorites/recents. However it does not show a running program icon in the taskbar for this Quick Start screen when the published application is launched from Citrix Workspace. It is only after a database file is opened does FileMaker appear to be launched and running from the taskbar with an icon (like any typical Windows GUI program). This behavior is only concerning because if you select something away from the Quick Start window and it loses focus to the background, you don't have an icon in the taskbar to switch back to since no database file was opened yet. Launching FileMaker standalone or via XenApp Desktop works as you'd expect, it has a running application icon in the taskbar for the Quick Start screen and also after opening each database file (since they are single document interface). This is the only published Citrix app that we have that behaves this way when launched from Workspace. I'm not sure if there is something I can do within Citrix to fix this or if this is something FileMaker specific.

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