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Improving on premise storage controller throughput

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I have a couple of questions regarding the throughput of an on premise storage controller, because the client is contacting it directly I assume this is where the issue lies, and I have the same behavior if I contact the server directly or through an ADC. What I have noticed so far:

- If I copy a file to the server using CIFS/SMB - I get a throughput of roughly 600 Mbps -700 Mbps - which is ok - no extreme bottleneck on networking side

- If I try to use Citrix files client to download a file - I get approximately 80 Mbps - 150 Mbps Max

- If I try to use browser based download where the browser contacts the Storage controller I get approx 200 Mbps - 250 Mbps


This is a 2012 R2 Server serving this. Is there any document available on how to tune the IIS, as I assume the backend needs to be tweaked. What can I do with the Citrix Files client to improve throughput?





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Hi Simon,


Might it just be that the license of the ADC is capping the bandwidth here? E.g. a VPX 200 would be capped to 200 Mbps, both ingress and egress combined, so that would mean for example 100 up and 100 down at the same time would hit the license limit. Also take into account that if the ADC does other stuff like more load balancing or Gateway, this traffic is of course also counted towards that limit.


Hope this helps.




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