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Citrix ADC 13.0: custom ping monitor to dedicated IP: If bind it multiple times, will it fired only one time or per bound service?

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I have the following scenario:

  • GSLB configuration with two (2) sites
  • GSLB Services pointing to a specific content switch
  • content switch has activated state update
  • bound lb services have a specific custom monitor bound, the monitor performs ping to one specific IP 



add lb monitor MON_PING_10.0.7.12 PING -LRTM DISABLED -destIP
bind service SVC_STA_support -monitorName MON_PING_10.0.7.12
bind service SVC_STB_support -monitorName MON_PING_10.0.7.12

As this is the identical monitor bound to multiple lb services, does this mean the monitor will be fired one time per service or one time in general (due to same monitor with same destination)?

i fear that if I will bound much more services with this monitor I will build up a DOS by myself. 

Kind regards

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