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Can you send traffic to two destinations simultaneously ?

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Currently we have a Netscaler IP which is associated with a single Load Balanced Virtual Service (which has it's own pool of servers via a Service Group).  What we are wanting to do (if it is possible) is to send / broadcast data on this Netscaler IP to two destinations simultaneously.  Is this possible using Netscaler ADCs ?


Thanks in Advance, Patrick

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Hi Patrick,


Are you trying to send the same traffic sent to a single VIP to 2 different backends simultaneously? If so maybe you could do this by creating a Content Switch, create two CS policies with the same expression pointing to 2 different LB vservers, each with their respective backend bound to it via a service(group). Make sure to put your CS policies one after the other and set the gotoPriorityExpression to NEXT, which will make the packet engine also evaluate the 2nd policy. 


Again, I'm not 100% sure this is what you're looking for or if it will even send the traffic to the 2 LBs like this, I've never tried it, but might be worth a shot.


Hope this helps.




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