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IPv6 DUID changing every Reboot on MCS workers

Beat Buser1709156910


Hi folks


We are moving from onprem to Citrix Cloud with onprem workers (same images). The new workers will be placed in new networks with ipv6.

Now we are facing the issue, that the MCS workers always get new DUIDs. The issue is on a VDA 2203.

I have another catalog still on VDA 1912 CU3 and there we do not see the issue. Opened case on Citrix side is unanswered since days! ?


Does anyone have some ideas or is facing the same issue?


Best regards


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Update from Citrix after 2 months of waiting:



We have had some internal investigations and discussion with product team. As per the product manager for MCS, for non-persistent machine catalogs, we don't preserve the DUID as of current design. So the experience on your 2016 OS (deletion of DUID) is an expected behavior. The product management team is planning to check the possibilities to implement the desired result (To preserve DUID) in future. This will be worked as an enhancement request (independent of support ticket). I'll update the enhancement ID by this Monday (Aug 15), which you can use in future to check the progress.


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