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Errormessage Hypervisor8: Error in Metadata Volume Operation for SR

Martijn van Leeuwen


I have two virtual servers running on a raid disk set. I can no longer take a snapshot of both servers, then the error message appears. Both servers work without problems, but I don't dare to restart them, And I can't take a snapshot. What's the problem? And is there a solution for it? I am using XenServer/Hypervisor 8.


Could this be the problem (1.6 used of 1.7):



I also see these:


And this is changed now (allocated?):



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There is so-called garbage collection over time, and when there is too much of it, it needs to be cleaned out, which is done wia an sr-scan. If the volume is something like 80-90% full, that will not work anymore. You then have to manually move the storage onto other SRs and back again after emptying the whole SR> It's a pain, but at some point you cannot easily recover garbage space.


As to those disks, are any associated with a VM? If not, they can be deleted. I'd run "xe vdi-list params=all" and make sure whatever you plan to delete is not connected to any VM.

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