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Installing Workspace via Microsoft Endpoint

Alex Green1709163412


I'm getting quite angry with this now, I hate this package, there isn't really any other word to explain how much I detest it.




I've followed this to the letter for the packaging of the CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe, I have then provided the following arguments to the application for install.


CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent /noreboot /AutoUpdateCheck=auto /DeferUpdateCount=-1 /AURolloutPriority=Slow


It still won't install, it asks for a reboot and the the installation fails with NO information on it, does someone have an MSI I can throw into Endpoint because this EXE is utter rubbish?


Thanks very much.


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I don't know MS Endpoint, but usually the installer throw some logs in %tmp%\CTXReceiverInstallLogs-{date}-{time}\

Maybe you can find somethin in there.


Another thing I thought of, maybe the reboot is asked because of a dependency like .NET, Visual C++ Redistributable or Edge WebView?

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