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Integrated Keyboard and Smartcard Readers with CVAD 2203

Ken Z


Hi Everyone


I've built a Citrix 2203 Farm with both XenApp (Server 2022) and Win10 VDI desktops (MCS). I'm using the latest Workspace App 2205 installed as administrator


I'm deploying an app (it's a UK NHS application using some web software but requires an NHS app called 'Identity Agent') to both environments that requires Smart Cards, but the vast majority of the the end devices have smart card readers built into the keyboards. The VID and PID for the Smartcard reader and the keyboard (HID) are the same. For example, the Chicony HP  Skylab USB Smartcard Keyboard in device manager presents itself as both a smartcard with Hardware ID "USB\VID_04F2&PID_1469&REV_0211&MI_01" and a keyboard as "HID\VID_04F2&PID_1469&REV_0211&MI_00"


I've managed to get the Workspace App to auto-connect the Smartcard Reader by editing the HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB\DeviceRules registry key on the end point and adding the following as the first entry


CONNECT: vid=04f2 pid=1469 split=01 intf=01 # Chicony Smartcard Reader


so now when I connect to a session (either XA or XD) I can see the smartcard reader connected in the Devices section of the Toolbar, but when I plug in a smart card into the reader of the keyboard, the software doesn't seem to recognise that the Smartcard reader is there, BUT.... if I plug in a standalone USB Smartcard Reader (e.g. the OMNIKEY 3x21 Smartcard Reader) into the client device (this auto-connects and shows bot readers in the Devices section), the software appear then recognises the Smartcard in the reader built into the keyboard and starts working. So it appears to need to see a standalone card reader before it acknowledges the reader built into the keyboard.


Anyone else seem this happening?


Alternatively, has anyone else had problems with integrated Keyboards/smartcard readers and what did you do to get them working? 


NOTE: If I install the Identity Agent software locally on the end device, it quite happily works with the card reader built into the keyboard without the need for the 2nd reader


Thanks and regards


Ken Z

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if anyone else is interested, here's the fix for this issue. Googling it has produced a single(!) hit which is very strange


You need to create the following registry entry on the VDI Desktop/XenApp hosts


Key:     HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\HSCIC\Identity Agent

Value:  UseCardReaderPolling

Type:    REG_SZ

Data:   true


then obviously reboot the VDI desktops/XenApp hosts




Ken Z

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