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How to manage similar WAF profiles on multiple ADCs?

Sarath M


I am trying to centrally manage WAF profiles on multiple ADCs.

If I create a relaxation rule on 1 ADC, I would like to copy the same to another ADC.


Please let me know how to achieve this or if there is solution from Citrix for this?

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Hi Carl,

This is what we would like to avoid, we have multiple ADCs in different regions and logging into them and entering the same commands is again a manual task.

Looking at options to manage 1 WAF profile on multiple ADCs. 

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For a full profile you can export and import the entire thing; but its not easy to "push" individual commands. Using ADM, your mostly looking at a configuration job to push individual cli or to push a batch file executing the commands you need.  There's some rework, but less than applying manually to all of your appliances. Sometimes the ADM's job creation interface is a little weird with special characters, but creating the batch file of cli commands, putting on a centralized share, then writing job to sftp the file and then execute the batch -filename <file> command might get you around that.


Export and import:  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/application-firewall/profiles/import-export-profiles.html

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Thank you all for your suggestions.

I have tried all and settled down to using ADM.


I was able to run commands using Configuration Jobs and successfully tested it in our environment.

Only thing is that the command has to be created properly first and then deployed, but it is way better than doing it manually on all devices.



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