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Thin Client reconnect disconnect session issue

Mark Wardle




We have an issue with out thin clients (HP T430 ThinOS connecting to CVAD), they quite regularly have issues reconnecting to disconnected session. They are shared devices so if a user disconnects rather than signing out then new users can sometimes struggle to log on immediately after, think it can take 10-15 minutes until they are able to get on. A reboot of the thin client resolves the problem. PC's never suffer from the problem.


Looking at logs I suspect its something to do with USB, ICAClient log shows the lines below which match up with the portable device enumerator service starting on the VDA.

2022-05-18 16:45:17.547 [STFL] <P13671:U0> citrix-storebrowse: No error was detected while processing command line args 
2022-05-18 16:45:17.547 [STFL] <P13671:U0> citrix-storebrowse: Icaroot is /usr/lib/ICAClient 
2022-05-18 16:45:17.560 [STFL] <P13671:U0> citrix-storebrowse: Error message after completing worker Code: 0. 
2022-05-18 16:45:17.582 [CTXUSB] <P2171:U0> citrix-ctxusb: ctxusb: read_ICA_data_in zero read. Exiting 


Seen a similar post a while back but no responses, has anyone seen similar and if so any suggestions?



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Did you get anywhere troubleshooting this?   We are seeing a similar issue for users connecting from Wyse devices, running ThinOS and workspace for Linux.  I dont seem to be able to view the icaclient.log file on these devices but the symptoms otherwise seem similar.

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