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All client Connections vs Current client connections count difference

Eun Bum Kim

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I have a question.


In stat tcp detail, All client Connections means all client connections connected to the ADC,
Current client connections on a stat lb vserver are what I know as the client connections connected to that vserver.


As shown in the CLI output screen below, ALL Client Connections is only 3196, but if you look at only one specific vserver, the number is far beyond 3196.

I want to know why.

Does the definition of the "All client connections" value in stat tcp detail and the "Current client connections" value in stat lb vserver mean different?




> stat tcp detail

TCP and Connections Statistics


Connections                       Client   Server

All client connections               3196      1009




> stat lb vserver xxxx_443_L2DSR


Virtual Server Summary

                      vsvrIP  port     Protocol        State   Health  actSvcs

xxxx...L2DSR   443          ANY           UP      100       13



xxxx...L2DSR       0


Virtual Server Statistics

                                          Rate (/s)                Total

Vserver hits                                     135             56456187

Requests                                           0                    0

Responses                                          0                    0

Request bytes                                 560260         193765954936

Response bytes                                     0                    0

Total Packets rcvd                              3552           1411122094

Total Packets sent                                 0                    0

Current client connections                        --                31678

Current Client Est connections                    --                31678

Current server connections                        --                31678

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I figured out why the difference occurs.


The value of "Current client connections" checked with "stat lb vserver" is counted as well as TCP-based service types (TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc.) and non-TCP-based service types (UDP, ANY, etc.).

On the other hand, the "All client connections" value checked with "stat tcp detail" is counted only for TCP-based service types(TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc.).

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