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Can someone help me figure out the syntax of VMPath when attempting to use the following API


Im attempting to use the validate VM API under the hypervisiors parent:


this accepts something like the following:

    "VmPaths": [



I've attempted to send 'masterimagepath' from the provscheme data, and its failing to return any details.  What is 'VMPath' in the data, and how can infer that through another API endpoint?


Thanks in advanced,


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The vm path should be connection XDpath, like "XDHyp:\\Connections\\{ConnectionName}\\{region}\\{folder}\vmname.vm"

You can get this data from

https://developer.cloud.com/citrixworkspace/citrix-daas/citrix-daas-rest-apis/apis/Hypervisors-APIs/Hypervisors_GetHypervisorResourcePoolResources with query "?path=&children=1&detail=false"

From the response, you can get XDPath of the connection and from the "Children" list you can check the vm that you want to validate is exist.

Also you can get VmPaths as "{XDPath}\\{vmName}"


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I guess im confused.


The goal i have, is the user will pass 'vm name, and snapshot on that vm' - i want to be able to validate that data, before i send the masterimage path to the update provisioning scheme API to update the catalog.


This is in response to the API call to $UpdateProvisioningScheme?async=false - will accept my request with a 200 - even if the masterimagepath has a typo in it, but the subsystem eventually fails the request down stream - where you can only see it from the splunk/ddc perspective.


How would you suggest i do that?


p.s. - maybe im inferring something thats not true - will validatevmpath only literally validate a .vm, not a downstream .snapshot?


Thanks for your help.


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