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Workspace App 2109 and newer never updates the apps-XXXXXXX_Cache.xml File under AppData\Local\Citrix\Selfservice

Holger Scheele


We updatet the Workspcace App on our VDAs.

Now the Cache.xml File from SelfService will not Update Anymore.

Only when i manuell open the Workspace App and click refresh Apps.


Selfservice.exe -init -ipoll -exit dos not work anymore.


I activated logging for SelfService.exe

In the Logfile of Workspace App 2108 you can see the app is building the XML-File and at the End of the Log you see

17/13:25:11 misc     = T100    :Prepare for program exit
17/13:25:11 misc     > T100    :{
17/13:25:11 dservice   T100    :  Caching all the Resources To xml
17/13:25:11 misc       T100    :  11:25:11:113: Store_Cached
17/13:25:11 misc     ? T100    :}00:00:00.0218580


In the Logfile of Workspace App 2109 you can also see the App is building the XML-File but at the End of the Log something is missing

17/13:36:13 misc     = T100    :Prepare for program exit
17/13:36:13 misc     > T100    :{
17/13:36:13 misc     ? T100    :}00:00:00.0010004


I try Workspace App 2203.1 LTSR an 2205 - same problem.


Are we the only One in the World with this Problem ?

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