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Netscaler RDP Proxy SSO not working

Marc Kuhn

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Hey guys


i'm setting up a new Citrix ADC for RDP Proxy with OTP. I'm using currently the version 13.0-83.27 and trying to login to the Unified Gateway with the UPN. There i have a RDP Bookmark which starts a RDP session to a Terminal Server.


I'm not able to logon to the Terminal Server, but as soon as i disable SSO with a traffic policy it is working and i receive the login prompt. I tried to resolve the issue with this article "Netscaler - 11.1 - SSO Failure with RDP Proxy (citrix.com)" but was not able. I will need to have the Server Logon Name Attribute set to UPN. Also i will need to have SSO configured.


I'm a little lost where to change a setting on the ADC to have that up and running.


Can someone help me with that?


Thanks and best regards,




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Hi Marc,


In your ldapAction, you can set the SSO Attribute. This should be set to sAMAccountName. If you set the Login Name userPrincipalName then users will enter their UPN on the logon page but the ADC will use their sAMAccountName to logon to the RDP worker.


In CLI you would do something like this:

set ldapAction YOUR_LDAP_ACTION -ldapLoginName userPrincipalName -ssoNameAttribute sAMAccountName

Hope this helps!



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