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Teams Addin for outlook LTSR 2203

James Felix


Brand new LTSR 2203 deployment running on win 2016 VDA. 


Teams optimisation was originally tested, but due to lack of screen sharing and give control features teams as a published app was disabled.  Teams remains installed on each of the VDA's however.    Content redirection was enabled for joining teams meetings from published outlook, and Teams runs only from client device now. 

Testing users that previously used published teams, had Teams outlook addin working happily for a period of time, but now get an error message they need to sign in and out of teams, and creating teams meeting inside published outlook fails as a result. 

For users that didn't form part of Published teams testing, i can get the addin to appear via following this forum post, however, they also now get the error message as above (and attached) 

From my testing it seems the only way to have teams addin for outlook working consistently from published outlook is to have users periodically open published teams.  This will only create support request from user confusion. 

Has anyone had any success in enabling teams addin for published outlook, without Teams itself being a published application? 

Thanks in advance



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What version of Teams is installed at the VDA and is it in per machine mode? Also, the add-in needs to be enabled via MS Teams policy in the Teams admin center and also does not support proxy authentication. 


PS: since teams and Exchange Online share most of their URIs why not run Outlook natively also (out of interest) ?

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