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random-uuid all 0's

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I have been asked to look at our netscaler to see if there is an issue with our ADC not successfully creating a random UUID.

Rather than returning random characters it is just returning 0's.  random-uuid6.lua is the name of the source (think that can be whatever we want)

I have been told that Math.randomseed is the issue here. I have upgraded the ADC from 12.1 to 13.0 to see if that resolved the issue, it didnt.


below is the code that we have in Policy Entension contents



math.randomseed( tonumber(tostring(os.time()):reverse():sub(1,6)) )

    local myNum = math.floor((math.random() * 10000000000000) % 16)

    local myNum2 = math.random(1.0, 16.0)

local luaVersion=_VERSION


    local template ='xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'

    local uuid = string.gsub(template, '[xy]', function (c)

        local v = 0

        local v = (c == 'x') and math.random(0, 16) or math.random(8, 0xb)

        return string.format('%x', v)




    return tostring(uuid)



I have been told tha tthis is not passing back a whole number, just a fraction, this could be why this is setting it as 0's

Not too sure whether there is an issue with math.randomseed on the ADC's (no general known issue that I can find) or it is just the code is not quite right.


Sorry for being so vague.




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