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network card not detected after upgrade

Mike Back-up


I upgraded my hypervisor to 8.2  (at least tried)  after the upgrade the server shows no network card.   However the server is pingable from other servers.   I login and goto local command shell and see that the ip address is on the xenbr1   not eth0.  Saw a document that says remove it and put it on eth0. tried that no luck.  Multiple reboots it just keeps going back to xenbr1.  Because of this I think the VM that where ont his machine where all in an offline state befefore the install but the console shows no vm's.  But since its showing no network card i hope this is related.     Now all the drives for the VMs are on a NFS share.   So if i wipe the machine and rebuild can i get back to those machines somehow?   Any help  would be great.





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