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PVS: XenDesktop Setup Wizard not adding machines to the Studio Catalog


I have a new 2203 environment setup where I'm seeing an issue. Using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard in PVS everything proceeds as it should. No error are reported and it reports everything is successful. The VMs are created on the Hypervisor (VMware vSphere 6.7); The BDM disk is added; The VM is added to the Device Collecting in PVS; The correct vDisk is assigned and the VMs boot and format the cache disk. Everything is good until you switch over to Studio (running on the Delivery Controller) to find that the machines aren't added to the catalog. I'm not seeing any error anywhere in the log files. I can manually add the machines to the catalog and then add them to the Delivery Group and they function just fine. It's really just a hiccup but annoying.


I have a second 2203 environment deployed in a secondary datacenter and the problem does not happen there. 


Any guidance that the community can provide is appreciated.

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Well that is strange. I think if you could collect a problem report from the PVS site and post the zip file we could take a look at why it didn't add the targets to the broker catalog because it should have. Save the problem report locally and then upload the zip file. The problem report UI (right click on the site to find it) requires you to specify a locatio non a file share accessible to all the servers in the site but a trick I use is to create a Logs directory locally then specify it as \\<pvs-server-address>\C$\Logs.



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