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Want to use pass through Windows Authentication for Workspace App

Gyan Gearon


With Receiver for Windows we could use pass through authentication so that a user launched Receiver it would just automatically login with the Windows session credentials. The users did not have to sign in again to Receiver. 

We are now using Workspace and do not see a way to get this option working. Enabling Single Sign On doesn't do it, and the verbiage on that feature in Workspace parameters actually doesn't seem to imply it would work that way. Enabling it also makes it so that the user can't launch any applications in Workspace once they do sign into it. They get a message that the resource is unavailable. 


Does Workspace allow pass through authentication from Windows login credentials, and if so how do you set that up? 


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Yes it's supported and works. 

How are you configuring the client? If you use a GPO try the new ADMX files and see if you set them correctly. 

Within the Advanced options of the CWA there is an option to check SSO, please run this and follow the instructions to get it configured correctly. 


Which version of the Storefront/ADC are you using, if this is an older one, please make sure you update to a supported version. 

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