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Filesystem space utilization


Hi Team,


We are regularly receiving alerts stating that the  Filesystem space utilization  for Logical Disk C:\Program Files\Citrix\PvsVm\Service\PersistedData of type NTFS- Major threshold exceeded. 

Space utilization (%) = 75.53 (Threshold = 90)
    Free space on FileSystem = 3.00 MB (Threshold = 64 MB)
    Used space on FileSystem = 10.00 MB
    Reserved space on FileSystem = 0.00 MB
    FileSystemType = NTFS  [Policy: Win_Sys_FileSystemUtilizationMonitor]


I would like to know if this disk needs to be monitored. If yes, what would be the purpose of this disk ? Will there be a way that we can increase the space of this PersistedData logical disk?

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