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Use Nutanix with Citrix Cloud and how to find Connector VM Password


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Hi @


After your create a Nutanix Cluster


Create a Nutanix Cluster

To create a Nutanix Cluster:

Log in to your Nutanix account.

Locate the Nutanix cluster option, and click Launch. The Nutanix Console opens. For more information, see Get Started with Nutanix Cluster on AWS.

Choose to create a new VPC.

The cluster creation process may fail with the following errors:

Cluster failed to create within a given time. Deleting cluster.

Host Nutanix Cluster - Node XXXXXXXXXXX: Instance i-xxxxxxxxxxxxx: disable network interface source/dest check error.

Host Nutanix Cluster - Node XXXXXXXXXXX: Unable to obtain instance i-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx network interface info.

If the cluster failed to create:

Try to recreate one in a different region.

Make sure to delete the Nutanix CloudFormation Stack (CFS) before retrying.

In addition to other resources, the Nutanix CFS creates:

1 VPC named Nutanix Cluster xxxxxxxxxxxxx

2 subnets and

1 Internet gateway

1 NAT gateway

Once the cluster is created, retrieve the address of the Nutanix Prism:

Go to the Nutanix Console.

In the upper right on the console, mouse over the link Launch Prism Element and copy the URL.

Connect to Nutanix Prism

To connect to Nutanix Prism:

Create a bastion VM in the subnet.

RDP into the bastion VM, go to the URL of the Prism Element you copied in the previous section.

Log in using the default credentials: admin:nutanix/4u. Remember to change the password.



refer- https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-daas/install-configure/resource-location/nutanix.html


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