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Enable Profile Container rule is not in studio or citrix integrated GPMC, but import admx only?


CVAD 2203 and Profile Management on disk (for lab environment).

Tech question:  Why does the rule "Enable Profile Container" only exist if you use the import the ADMX templates in the GPMC policy editor. But it is not present in either the "profile management" section of Citrix Studio OR if using CVAD integrated policies in GPMC (the "Citrix Policies") interface.  The other Profile container settings are there, just not the "Enable Profile Container" rule.


So, the only way to switch from a older Citrix Profile Management solution to a new Citrix Profile Container is to recreate your policy in a new ADMX-based GPO policy object as opposed to adding the setting to the existing policy in use (to avoid managing it in two places)? .  


I'm also just curious why this setting is NOT exposed via Studio or the Citrix Policies interface in GPMC. 


General question about procedures: If starting with a "traditional" Citrix managed profile and then migrating to a profile container are there any things to do during the transition. (Note this is for training to demo process and not a live environment.)  


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It migrates both an RDS profile and an existing traditional Citrix managed profile just  fine (if I don't use the wrong combo of settings).


And Citrix Studio policies are pushed via vda communication to controllers.  Machine settings still affect machine-level, once received; and user settings at user session creation. 

But AD-based citrix policies (in the citrix interface) still apply to machine at boot such as the VDA registration/controller list policy. This one rule makes sense why it can't be pushed by studio. But the Citrix-ad gpo interface is fine.


(I mean VDA registration can be done in the AD-based Citrix policy; but not in studio because it can be applied by ad at boot pre controller registration.)


This one rule is only available in the manually loaded ADM templates and not the Citrix integrated GPO interface.  

I was just wondering if there was a technical reason why it is only in the ADM template and not even in the Citrix-integrated AD GPO or if it was  just a mistake in the definition files the citrix plugin uses.





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